Personality Disorders Examples

Movie/Book/TV Show Actor/Character Personality Disorder

Breathless Richard Gere Antisocial

Crimes and Misdemeanors Alan Alda Narcissistic

Martin Landau Narcissistic

Angelica Houston Borderline

Death of a Salesman Willie Lowman Borderline

Fatal Attraction Glenn Close Borderline

ER Doug Ross Narcissistic

Chloe Borderline

Benton Narcissistic

The Firm Wilford Brimley Paranoid

Friends Ross Avoidant

Friends Monica Obsessive-Compulsive

Friends Phoebe Schizotypal

Gone With the Wind Scarlett Histrionic

Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence Narcissistic

Looking for Mr. Goodbar Diane Keaton Borderline/Schizoid

Macbeth Lady Macbeth Borderline

Moby Dick Gregory Peck Obsessive-Compulsive

9 1/2 Weeks Mickey Rourke Borderline

Ordinary People Mary Tyler Moore Obsessive-Compulsive

Seinfeld George Dependent

Seinfeld Kramer Schizotypal

The Simpsons Homer Dependent

Terms of Endearment Shirley MacLaine Histrionic

The Great Santini Robert Duvall Narcissistic

Star Trek Next Generation Worf Paranoid

When Harry Met Sally Billy Crystal Avoidant

Caroline in the City Female Neighbor Histrionic

Just Shoot Me Nina Histrionic

* Taken from "Cross Country University TravCorps"

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