Concierge Services

Concierge Services

For those who may desire an expedient and/or convenient session, Drake Delaplane offers Concierge Services.

The telecounseling and in-home or office concierge services offer the ability to interact with Drake at the convenience of your location, at your leisure, and potentially, at a moment's notice. Your TeleCounseling (telehealth services) is confidential and secure, complying with HIPAA standards. It includes your: scheduling, billing, video sessions, instant messaging, document sharing, interactive assessments, E-Signature, conveyance of homework, resources, referrals, emergency information, and more.

Delaplane Concierge Counseling provides counseling within an office setting or by more convenient means through telehealth services.


Delaplane concierge counseling works ideally for many reasons, mostly due to the more confidential and sensitive nature of the field. For some individuals, and families of those individuals, private counseling where a therapist can meet you at your own location can provide more peace of mind at times and can afford the luxury and convenience not to travel to an office site.  When and where privacy, security, and confidentiality is important for some, and for those who are unable to travel, finding a mental health provider who understands and appreciates your needs is exceedingly rare. I am committed to meeting those needs to the best of my abilities.

Concierge services provides you with the support and help needed in the luxury of your home, office, or any other location of your choice, even on evenings and weekends.

Due to the demands of this type of counseling service, I will be limiting the number of new patients I take on within my concierge service.

With the concierge services, I am offering:

  • 24/7 access with my personal cell phone number,
  • faster turn around time on messages or requests,
  • lengthier appointment times if requested,
  • preferential scheduling with non-standard appointment times if requested,
  • shorter wait times to appointments, as well as urgent visits,
  • increased frequency of appointments if requested,
  • telepsychotherapy (telehealth) as an option, if requested,
  • potential in-home or in-work/office appointments, and
  • increased privacy if requested and as best possibly accommodated.

For more information, as well as requesting a quote for concierge services, please contact me today. 

Please feel free to contact me!

Drake Delaplane, MA, LMFT



Drake Delaplane welcomes clients from the Sacramento region and Virginia region.

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